Educating, Empowering, Sustaining  

In 2016 we started Sentry Living Solutions with the belief that commitment to excellence and a modern approach make a truly great experience in serving developmentally disabled individuals.


Our Mission

Sentry Living Solutions educates, advocates, provides supportive services, and skills training to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. We strive to advance the independence, productivity, and confidence of clients within the community.

We provide one-on-one attention to our clients. We have a client-first culture that focuses on empowerment and results. 

We bring our vision to life. We listen to our clients and thoughtfully apply technology to educate and empower them. Our highly capable and experienced team is ready to meet each individual’s needs.
— Founder: Carlos Cienfuegos

What We DO

  • We serve adults who need assistance in living independently and ongoing support.

  • We partner with each client to help them develop a goal oriented plan.

  • We put our client’s needs first.

  • We serve our clients beyond a fixed eight hour day; staff are available 24/7.

  • We cultivate a community culture of diversity and inclusion.

  • We partner with other service providers and agencies in the area to ensure clients’ needs are met.

  • We help our clients find the best medical care and advocate on their behalf.

  • We assist clients with challenging circumstances like homelessness and addiction, by working collaboratively with other agencies and services.